Thursday, June 20, 2013

Makeup by Jaclyn Hill

This girl has it. I went to high school with Jaclyn Hill's now-husband Jon - and when I saw this girl pop up on my Pinterest - I thought nothing of that that fact! I clicked on her youtube videos only to realize she went to a neighboring high school and was this fabulous makeup whiz! I am not addicted to her videos and since she and I have similar coloring (light skin, dark hair, light eyes) - I like to be able to take her product advice and also, to be more adventurous with my makeup application. We are girls after all - lets use all the power we have! 

Above is Jaclyn Hill - she recently died her hair this fire-y red - which I love! You can easily find her account on youtube by searching her name - she has become quite popular so she should come up - she has her own channel with many, many videos - they are fun to watch and you can follow along with her as she applies her makeup in the tutorials. She use to work at Mac cosmetics but has recently quit to start her own venture as an independent makeup artist! 

Here is one of my favorite eyes she's done - I think its perfect for a daytime drama without looking too smokey! I love golds, oranges, and brown tones on my eyes because it makes Blues POP! 

Now I have to plug a product! Because of Jaclyn - I cant get over her fabulous punch of lip color she has in every video. I always try and go to the drugstore to try new lipstick and I end up like I just drank a punch of red kool-aid =( Jaclyn (luckily) doesn't just where high-end makeup - she drugstores it too! Thats when I ran out (last night!) to grab some of Maybelline's Vivid Colorsensation Lipstick! I cant get over it! So many fun colors - I want them all =) 

I ended up purchasing the SHOCKING CORAL #910 (which for some reason at my Walgreens was #870 - odd) anyway - I am going to St. Augustine Florida with my Girls this weekend for Jennie's Bachelorette Weekend! It should be a really good time and I should be looking festive as ever with my shockingly pink pout! (Vivid Colorsensation Lipstick by Maybelline - $7 drugstores)

Here Jaclyn is wearing the Neon Red color - go check out her youtube video - its addicting!